Fragrant environment

In this fragrant exterior for paving, and wall cladding, the Dalmatian stone Plano was used, whose radiant whiteness dominates the exterior and makes it modern, clean and graceful.
The colorful selection of floral perennials defies the whiteness of the stone creating an interesting contrast. Tall perennials and low shrubs rise from the metal flower beds that form the link from entrance to entrance to the exterior. A pattern is applied to the front door, which provides an interesting shade in the exterior during the sun, and at the same time gives the door a sculpture. And for the center of attention, an olive tree has been planted in the lawn, which also protects from the view towards the terrace. The terrace is covered with a pergola that stands on massive stone pillars of Plano stone, and is surrounded by flower beds. Thus, in this exterior, the sweet scents of flowers are constantly intertwined, added and spread.

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