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If you would like Garden Design Istria to be a part of your journey through designing and carrying out exterior construction work, send us an email using the following form.

Garden Design Istria is founded by Davorka Mališa a landscape architect who has been professionally designing exteriors since 2010, when she graduated from the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the University of Zagreb.

Garden Design Istria's specialty is private exteriors. Private exteriors require more attention to detail, but all of Garden Design Istria's exteriors have a dose of art and are therefore highly experiential and aesthetically pleasing, and functionality and easy maintenance are the qualities of greatest importance.

In addition to the private exteriors in the Garden Design Istria portfolio, the same qualities are the public areas of which the Štranjga roundabout in Pazin, the Lakota promenade in Pazin, the sports hall exterior in Pazin and the green system around the Parentium Hotel in Poreč stand out.

The most creative exteriors in Istria, designed by Garden Design Istria, have come from excellent cooperation with customers who believe that good exterior design is vital for a quality lifestyle..