550 Landscape Questions

550 landscape questions

Guide through questions for landscape design of private exteriors in Istria

Every exterior is unique and for every exterior there are different answers on how to design it. Through the listed questions in the guide, you can find the answers that will enable you to see more clearly the possibilities of design and furnishing in your future or existing exterior. You can use the completed guide as a preparation for the interview with exterior contractors, as guidelines for your landscape architect, or as preliminary work before you start designing your exterior yourself.

As you answer the questions, you will be able to:

  • • visualize your exterior design solution more clearly,
  • • understand the needs of the exterior, i.e. what it requires
  • • understand what kind of needs you will have in the exterior
  • • define which elements or functions you want or dont want to have in the exterior
  • • determine how you want to do garden works or enjoy the outdoors
  • • find out what to do proactively during the landscape works in your exterior (hardscape)

The questions are intended and can serve:

  • • investors who will hire contractors, architects and designers to carry out exterior construction and decoration work
  • • investors who will hire contractors, architects and designers to carry out exterior decoration work
  • • investors who plan to build a house/exterior
  • • landscape architects
  • • exterior and interior designers
  • • professors and teachers who hold courses in exterior design
  • • exterior decoration and maintenance contractors

550 landscape questions

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